Blue Dream – 1,000 mg Cartridge


Peacefully resting by a slow moving river under the shade of the perfectly low hanging willow on a warm summers day. Everything is perfect in the world, time seemingly stopped, just for you. This is the best description we could give you of Blue Dream. It is the epitome of everything that is right in the world. Medicating with this gorgeous strain will surely bring a smile to your face, clear your mind of all your worries and make you want to give the person closest to you the biggest hug. Whether you are new to medicating or have a wealth of experience, unanimously it is agreed that Blue Dream is a must have in your stash. The calming and peaceful effects are perfectly balanced in this Sativa dominant hybrid, leaving you fully alert and focused on your day without the anxious felling that can come from some Sativa strains. Take a puff on that Blue Dream and gently float down that lazy moving stream.

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