Shatter Master – Sour Cookies


Break off a piece of Item 9 Sour Cookies and dabble in the deliciousness of this sharp shatter. Blaze up that quartz and wait about 30 seconds before dropping a piece of the amber-gold honey for the full-spectrum flavors of nutty earth flavors with an eye-opening hashy diesel taste that lingers after every hit. Dab Sour Cookies in small doses to enjoy her abilities to start up conversation and maintain a balancing euphoria that eliminates stress and headaches. Item 9 Labs 24k Shatter is an Indica-dominant strain that carries zesty, citrus flavors along with a pungent skunk smell. The shatter we produce is a smooth, glassy, extremely potent cannabis extract that is achieved through an extraction process. Our extraction processes create a much more concentrated form of cannabis oil. This cannabis oil- which falls under the umbrella term “dabs” or “concentrates”, provides a clean, hard-hitting dose that is sure to pack a punch.

Those who are looking for a heavier-hitting high will lean more towards shatter due to high levels of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids. Total cannabinoid counts vary from 60%-85% depending on the strain.

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