Trainwreck – 1,000 mg Cartridge


This mind bending strain owes her genetics to many parts of the world, Sativa strains from Mexico and Thailand combined with some Afghani Indicas to produce this amazing North Cali strain that so many of us love. Legend has it two brothers in the 70’s began this strain close to a train track. One year there was a Trainwreck close by so the brothers quickly harvested their crop. The name is said to of originated at this very time. Whatever the initial beginnings were, it’s hard to say exactly, but once you try Trainwreck you will easily agree it doesn’t matter all that much. Inhaling a strong lemon, pine musky scent, the senses are overwhelmed with goodness. Quickly following this Trainwreck hurls herself full speed ahead to your mind, unleashing euphoria, creativity and a general sort of happy energy. Migraines,stress, chronic pain and arthritis are completely obliterated within minutes due to her high THC content. She has remained sought after for all these years because of all of her amazing qualities, A.D.H.D and P.T.S.D are two examples of disorders that she is quick to help with.

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